Difficult Biblical Questions

Why Christians Should Not Worry About The Plain Reading

It can be tempting for Christians to defer to the plain meaning of a verse in the Bible. That concept emerges in blogposts, small groups and internet discussions about various doctrines. The idea of a plain meaning is basically to say that if you read a text, you should be able to understand it immediately… read more »

How The King James Version Teaches Evolutionary Biology

King James Onlyism is the idea that the King James translation of the Bible is divinely inspired. Advocates will suggest that God preserved his word through the effort of these great translators. But KJV-Onlyism is usually associated with other fundamentalist ideas, including notions about the age of the earth. KJV-Onlyists are often Neo-Ussherians, meaning that… read more »

Why Charismatics Should Cut Glossolalia (Tongues) Out of Their Theology

There is no doubt that there is some form of tongues in the Bible. But typically, when people refer to tongues, they think of ecstatic speech or the “language of the angels” that is common in Pentecostal churches. It might be surprising to learn that there are actually different ways that people understand tongues. The… read more »

Are Pentecostal Tongues Biblical?

Non-Pentecostal Christians who visit a Pentecostal church will usually be very confused by their practice and behavior. Their church services are not solemn, and they leave little room for quiet contemplation. The parish is encouraged to shout with joy, dance, and run laps around the room. As the shouting commences, it quite often trails off… read more »

Was Mary A Sinner?

Throughout the centuries, Roman Catholic theology has maintained what is known as high Marian theology. That is to say that they have a high view of Mary. As the mother of God, she has a special relationship with Christ and therefore, she has a special relationship with the church. Many Roman Catholics believe that Mary… read more »

What Is Christianity?

Throughout their lives, people have different experiences of Christianity, and these experiences tend to paint their interpretation of what Christianity is. Whether it was represented properly or not, people carry around images of Christian belief that do not necessarily represent historic or biblical Christian belief. People will reject a Christianity that is foreign to the… read more »

How Do I Know If I Am Saved?

People are fond of misrepresenting their opponents. They will quickly and eagerly find opportunities to slander those with whom they disagree, or take their writings out of context to make it seem as though they were saying something that they were not. Many people accuse Martin Luther of denying the inspiration of the book of… read more »

What Is The Point Of Prayer?

Christians are called the pray, adopting the model of the Lord and the apostles. When Jesus had a heavy decision to make, he would slip away in prayer. When crowds of people were storming the doors of the place that he was staying, seeking him, he would go off to the wilderness to be alone… read more »

Was Jesus’ Resurrection Only Spiritual?

Some have adopted what is known as the metaphorical approach of interpreting the Bible. That is, rather than looking at certain stories with miraculous overtones as actual history, they look at them as mere metaphors, symbols of what actually happened. Consequently, the resurrection of Jesus (the center of the Christian faith) would be rendered a… read more »

Would A Loving God Send Anyone To Hell?

As Christians present the gospel, they are often confronted by difficult philosophical quagmires that they cannot find their way to wriggle out of. Not the least of these is the issue of Hell. Would a loving God send anyone to Hell? So the skeptic will ask. For the Christian, when presenting the gospel message will… read more »

Who Is The Suffering Servant? Israel Or Jesus?

Christians who want to defend their faith often will appeal to fulfilled prophecies in the Old Testament, knowledge of New Testament revelation that would not be there absent divine inspiration. Of course, the Jews often stand ready to take the Christians to task, because they do not believe in the inspiration of the New Testament…. read more »

What Is The Unforgivable Sin?

What is the unforgivable sin? When Jesus encountered the Pharisees, they accused him of being filled with demons, to which he replied that anyone may blaspheme the Son of Man, and it is possible for them to be forgiven. However, if they blaspheme the Holy Spirit, that person may never be forgiven (Matthew 12:31-32). This… read more »

What Happens To Those Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?

A first-century Jew is living very far from Jerusalem and never heard of Jesus during his living ministry. Jesus died for the sins of the world and was raised from the dead, and this particular Jew did not even hear that message. Jesus tells us that if one does put their trust in him, they… read more »

Does Matthew 28:19 Contradict Acts 2:38?

There is a slight divide within Christendom about minor issues such as the baptismal formula. When I say the baptismal formula, I mean the words that one recites just before they baptize a person. The super-majority of Christians will argue that when a person is water baptized, the baptizer must recite the words of Matthew… read more »

Is Religion Ridiculous?

Often when a secular minded person describes religion, or thinks about religion, it becomes evident that they have created a caricature in their mind. They conceive of religion in a way that those who believe in it would not. Then when they share their sentiments with those who are religion, their bias and lack of… read more »

Why Can’t I Understand The Bible?

People often complain that they cannot understand the Bible, that perhaps it does not even apply to them. They may say that they think they do understand it, but that they find contradictions within. They may say that they understand the Bible, but have come to the conclusion that Jesus is not really God, that… read more »

5 Commonly Misused Bible Verses

As we interact with our brothers in Christ, we may hear them reciting verses from the Bible, and we begin to think that what they are saying does not really sound right. They have just sort of gotten caught up in a cultural interpretation of this particular passage. But when we look more closely, it… read more »

5 Disagreements Christians Shouldn’t Condemn Each Other Over

There is a reason that taboo topics are taboo. People are so sensitive about them, they are so dear to their heart, that when somebody disagrees with them, they behave comparably to children. Adults essentially begin to throw temper tantrums. They also begin to condemn each other over issues for which, people should not be… read more »

Does God Love Everybody?

It seems to be almost a form of pride that people take in their theological stances, in that they begin to say that they alone have the truth, and everybody else is wrong. They alone have the correct interpretation, and everybody else is wrong. But this extends even further when people begin to say that… read more »

What Is The Church?

It is interesting to see how previous thinkers and scholars have formed the way that we perceive the world, and have formed our concepts and even the language that we use. If we study the history of epistemology, one will quickly realize that many scholars have birthed a great deal of the things that we… read more »