Is Molinism Here, There, Or Anywhere In The Bible?

There is supposed to be a coherence between philosophical theology and exegetical theology. While exegetical theology is the practice of discerning truths from the text of Scripture, philosophical theology is the practice of thinking about the doctrines that are established by the text of Scripture and forming a cohesive model. The philosophical theologian will conduct… read more »

Is God The Author of Sin On Divine Determinism?

It was not my fault. That is what people often say when they are confronted with a decision that they made. Perhaps a husband was so overcome with lust that he thinks he had no choice but to commit adultery. People often attempt to dodge responsibility for their actions, because if they are not in… read more »

Why I Have Repudiated My Posts About Molinism

Individuals who follow this blog very closely (refreshing the pages every thirty seconds to see if there are any updates) will have noticed that I have added an addendum to a few pages. I thought that it would be prudent to notate when my views have evolved. The articles will remain available, but only for… read more »

Who Dealt God The Cards? A Response To James White

Preface Because I have critiqued Dr. White before, there are a few personal remarks I would like to make up front regarding my previous interactions. On 12 May 2014, I published Philosophy Matters – James White Missing the Mark on Molinism. As I mentioned in the original post, I do like Dr. White. However, I… read more »

In Defense Of Molinism

How could God be both sovereign and actualize a libertarian anthropology? This is an old philosophical question that has stricken the minds of men for generations. Do we actually have free will, and if we do, how could we say that God has predestined everything? This has led some to sacrifice the predestinarian element to… read more »

Is God’s Knowledge Of Counterfactuals Based On His Decree?

Scripture is replete with references to what is known as counterfactuals of creaturely freedom. These are descriptions of what creatures would do given other circumstances. Paul asserts, for example that “None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.” (1 Corinthians 2:8)…. read more »

What Is Reformed Molinism?

Positions are often defined by the men who defend them. Since Doctor William Lane Craig is the most prominent living defender of Molinism, people often think that he is representing every form of Molinism. However, that is something like thinking that Doctor Michael Brown (an Arminian Pentecostal brother) represents every nuance of Christian belief. While… read more »

James White Does Not Understand Molinism

Doctor James White is one of the most outspoken living biblical scholars. His polemics against the heresies and justification of nefarious behavior that have arisen in the church and his apologetics to various religions have proven to be a worthy and helpful resource. He has engaged in public debates with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Roman Catholics,… read more »

Does God Micromanage Us, Or Do We Have Free Will?

There is a growing trend among Christians to deny philosophical reflection upon complicated issues. It is an unfortunate state of affairs in the evangelical church that many people are repelled by intellectual discourse. As a consequence of this, many Christians find themselves holding the position that either predestination is true, or free will is true…. read more »