Against Oneness Pentecostalism

Why Charismatics Should Cut Glossolalia (Tongues) Out of Their Theology

There is no doubt that there is some form of tongues in the Bible. But typically, when people refer to tongues, they think of ecstatic speech or the “language of the angels” that is common in Pentecostal churches. It might be surprising to learn that there are actually different ways that people understand tongues. The… read more »

Is The Oneness Versus Trinity Debate Theological Nitpicking?

Followers of this blog will know that I have spent a lot of time writing about Oneness Pentecostalism, because, as I pointed out in my article My Conversion From Oneness Pentecostalism To Biblical Christianity, I used to be a Oneness Pentecostal and I think that this issue is very important. However, some Christians have replied… read more »

My Conversion From Oneness Pentecostalism To Biblical Christianity

Recently, I have been publishing articles and podcasts about the topic of Oneness Pentecostalism. In fact, it is one of my favorite topics, even if speaking only as a theological and intellectual pursuit. However, there is a much more personal aspect to the issue of Oneness Pentecostalism that inspires me to write about it. Some… read more »

Does The Old Testament Favor Oneness Pentecostalism?

We start with the Old Testament and read the New Testament in light of that. That is what we often hear from Oneness Pentecostals who are attempting to mount an argument against trinitarian theology. They will say that trinitarians are starting with the New Testament and reading the Old in light of it, and that… read more »

Answering A Few Common Oneness Pentecostal Arguments

Oneness Pentecostals are vehement anti-trinitarians who commonly maintain that the doctrine of the trinity states that there are three gods. Of course, this is a mischaracterization. If an individual believes that there are three gods, then they have, in effect, denied the doctrine of the trinity. The doctrine of the trinity states that there is… read more »

Are Pentecostal Tongues Biblical?

Non-Pentecostal Christians who visit a Pentecostal church will usually be very confused by their practice and behavior. Their church services are not solemn, and they leave little room for quiet contemplation. The parish is encouraged to shout with joy, dance, and run laps around the room. As the shouting commences, it quite often trails off… read more »

Does John 17 Teach Oneness Or Trinity?

The gospel of John is the most significant and often criticized biography of the historical Jesus. It receives vociferous attacks from the unbelieving community as well as revisions and reinterpretations from proponents of Christological heresies. It is the clearest possible testimony to the doctrine of the trinity and the deity of Christ, and so, throughout… read more »

What Is Wrong With The Oneness View Of God?

Who is God? What can we know about the nature of God? Christians have classically said that there is only one God who is eternally present in three persons. However, at the Council of Nicea, which arose in response to the Arian heresy (the view that Jesus is merely a creature), there were a few… read more »

What Does Acts 2:38 Teach About Baptism?

When does God justify a person? Is it only after they have endured a few religious rites? Is it only after he regenerates them? Is it in response to their turning to him in faith? These different models of salvation pervade throughout the contemporary church and we see them as we gaze through the corridors… read more »

What Does John 1:1 Mean?

The gospel of John is perhaps the most important biography of Jesus, with regard to our understanding of who Jesus was. John wrote his prologue (1:1-18) knowing that it was the lens through which one reads the rest of his gospel. One must consider the teachings in the prologue when they read any other passage… read more »

What Does Philippians 2:5-8 Mean?

I usually avoid exegetical articles for the sole reason that they do not attract a lot of attention. Most of my articles are more topical, and like my cohort Evan Minton of, I weave in the relevant selected Scriptures throughout. So in today’s article, What Does Philippians 2:5-8 Mean? I am doing something a… read more »

Why Do Pentecostal Women Wear Skirts?

A lot of religious organizations robe their parishioners in garments that many of us find odd and counter-cultural. Islamic fundamentalists will wear burkas, often are full body suits. Girls who attend Christian Holiness churches can be identified by their long skirts. This sort of attire will usually transcend culture, so those who wear them are… read more »

Why Did Jesus Say, ‘The Father Is Greater Than I.’?

Everything that Jesus ever did came back to the gigantic claim of divinity. Jesus Christ is God. He is the human image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:18). He is the exact representation of God’s being in human form (Hebrews 1:3). The Psalms of worship were written of him (Hebrews 1:8-10). He took God’s name… read more »

Is Jesus God The Son?

Is Jesus God the Son? That is a question for which one will need a little background knowledge before you can understand the pointed issue. There is a debate within Christendom over what is called the doctrine of the trinity. The doctrine of the trinity is founded upon three essential premises. (1) There is only… read more »

Why Wasn’t Jesus Named Immanuel?

Why wasn’t Jesus named Immanuel? After all, Isaiah seemed to indicate what the Messiah’s name would be. He writes, “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14). Many Christian songs feature the name Immanuel,… read more »

Why Didn’t The Jews Believe In The Trinity?

Why didn’t the Jews believe in the trinity? Such a question is usually supposed to serve as a theological quagmire for those who believe in orthodoxy. After all, if there is one God who is eternally present in three persons, God seemed to have forgotten to reveal that to his people. Trinitarian theology was not… read more »

Does Deuteronomy 6:4 Disprove The Trinity?

I have found that most people who do not believe in the trinity just do not understand what it is. So they will use this proof-text that they think disproves the trinity, when really, all they have done is disprove a version of the trinity in which nobody claims. A common example of this is… read more »

Does John 3:5 Teach That Water Baptism Is Essential?

Does John 3:5 teach that water baptism is essential? This is a common proof text of people who want to say that water baptism is necessary to enter the kingdom of God. Let’s take a look at the verse. Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the… read more »

Should We Baptize Only In The Name Of Jesus?

Everybody in the early church was baptized. If one was to express the fact that they were a Christian, or perhaps even the mechanism by which they became a Christian, they went through the process of water baptism. For the sake of discussion, this essay will ignore the question of whether water baptism, in and… read more »