Pro-Life Ethics

The Overlap Between Pro-Choice Ethics And Racist Bigotry

There are polarizing angles in pretty much any discourse, from theology to philosophy to social issues. We are all rightly appalled at the recent murders of anti-racist protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia (just an hour from me). It raises questions about the future of American society and egalitarianism. It also highlights the fact that the war… read more »

Developing A Strong Family Bond When Granny Wants You Dead

When a parent sees that her daughter is pregnant, they might start to panic. Unwed pregnancy can often lead to poverty, as the child has to forego an education and work a minimum wage job to feed the baby. If a teenager is pregnant, she will have to make sacrifices that will very much impact… read more »

Expanding The Abortion Debate To Aliens And Robots

Choose life. For the stalkers out there, that is what my license plate says. The DMV had a number of options in my state that allowed drivers who are registering their vehicle to advertise a cause that they are passionate about and donate the proceeds to that cause by purchasing a distinct license plate. The… read more »

Answering A Few Common Pro-Choice Arguments

For people such as myself, abortion represents the depravity of the human heart. It represents the devaluation of human beings. Bioethicists and philosophers will publish rigorous material concluding that human beings really do not have any intrinsic moral worth, that it would be acceptable to slaughter infants. It is quite common in the animal kingdom… read more »

Can Someone Be Pro-Choice Without Being Pro-Abortion?

Discussions about abortion are often reduced down to arbitrarily changing the label of the other side so that their stance seems more defeasible. We are not pro-life, we are anti-woman. In fact, if we are for anything, we are for birth. But after birth, we do not really care about the well-being of that child…. read more »

Why Pro Life Ethics Are Definitional In Politics

There are good reasons why pro life ethics are definitional in politics. That is not to advocate for some sort of one-issue model of voting. Being pro-life does not qualify somebody to take political office. But being pro-choice, in my view, can disqualify somebody from receiving my vote. That is the primary reason that I… read more »

Is The Unborn A Biological Human Being?

Is the unborn a biological human being? I will try to illustrate the importance of this question with a story. When I was younger, a group of friends and I were riding our bikes through the neighborhood. One of my friends was peering into the river as we rode by and shouted “OOOHHH EWW! AWESOME…. read more »

How Our View of Sex Creates An Abortion Culture

While the typical liberal who is thoroughly invested in liberal convictions will be pro-choice regarding the issue of abortion, there are a lot of people across the political spectrum who recognize this deeply offensive and appalling practice for what it is. Anybody who takes a look at an ultrasound can see an unborn child for… read more »

5 Things Christians Can Do About Abortion

Christians have willingly accepted a subterfuge. We have accepted that we do not need to do anything or that there is nothing that we can do. I think there are at least 5 things Christians can do about abortion. Yet as citizens in a free nation, we walk through our lives with an unguarded semblance… read more »

How Abortion Destroys Women’s Rights

One of the signature moves of the pro-choice apologist is to align the choice to have an abortion with women’s rights. So then if somebody is campaigning upon the basis of women’s rights, we expect that they are in favor of abortion. If a politician make the bare statement, “my opponent is opposed to women’s… read more »

Is Abortion Okay If The Girl Was Raped?

Is abortion okay if the girl was raped? One of the more powerful arguments for abortion would be the reality of molestation. Pregnancy is not always of the free choice of the woman, nor does it always come as a product of her choice to have sex. Sometimes, in great trauma, men force themselves on… read more »

5 Reasons Abortion Is Evil

Often the proposition that abortion is good and just is regarded as self-evidently true. How anybody could disagree, and how anybody could slow down the progress of human abortion, is bewildering, to many people. Human abortion is regarded as one of the treasures of human society. Women do not have to be condemned to have… read more »