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The Life, Legacy And Death of Nabeel Qureshi

Throughout the last 24 hours, the Christian philosopher David Wood has been posting images that memorialize his friend Nabeel Qureshi who passed away on September 16th, 2017. For those who do not know Dr. Wood, he is a Christian apologist whose ministerial efforts are primarily angled toward converting Muslims to faith. As a philosopher, he… read more »

How Christian Thinkers Can Earn A Seat At The Atheists’ Table

It can be difficult to convince people on the other side of the ideological spectrum to take you seriously. But that is part of the challenge of being a Christian. Jesus told his disciples to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Sometimes we have a tendency to limit that to… read more »

Why I Am A Heretic And You Should Be Too

When we talk about heresy, we usually refer to a denial of one of the core Christian claims. But sometimes overzealous Christians will extend the concept a little too far. They will refer to anybody who disagrees with them as a heretic. Any dissidence from their traditional values is thought to be heresy. When I… read more »

How To Practice Religion Without Being Superstitious

As children of Descartes, westerners tend to think of the world in scientific terms. That may account for the increasing secularization of the culture. People are less likely to turn to religion for answers and more likely to turn to science. There is thought to be a vast chasm between religion and science and one… read more »

The Pros And Cons of Being A Christian Blogger

The printing press revolutionized the way that we transmit texts. There were monasteries full of scribes, diligently copying the text of the New Testament so that word of God would be preserved. Other books were transmitted in the same way. If you want a copy of something, somebody would have to sit down and actually… read more »

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Watching NFL Football

Football has become more than just a game for many Americans. It is essential to the atmosphere. When the summer dwindles to a close, cool winds blow and leaves start falling, we will know that NFL football is on the horizon. Holidays and weekends are very much defined by enjoying the games. There are parties… read more »

Why Does My Life Sometimes Seem So Pointless?

You woke up this morning to the sound of your alarm clock. After turning it off, you went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then you went to work, came home, went to sleep, and the next day, you did the same thing. Eat, drink, sleep, work. That is your life, and it repeats… read more »

Should Christians Attempt To Be Edgy?

There is nothing that is cooler and more apt to make you relevant than a swear word every now and then. When a Christian goes before a live audience, the audience have certain expectations. They expect us to fit into the old caricatures that have developed over time of what a Christian is. So, when… read more »

Biblical Ways To Deal With Breakups

Breakups can be difficult. It is a brand of pain with which everybody has been confronted at some point in life. This person in whom you have put all of your trust and confidence has left you. They no longer want anything to do with you because of a mistake that you made or because… read more »

Why Do People Who You Love Have To Leave?

We live in a world that is full of despair, pain and suffering. Every day, there are tragedies across the world that take the lives of loved ones. People die unexpectedly. Sometimes the day after a wedding, when the bride and groom are looking forward to their lives together, one is tragically taken. When a… read more »

The Pros And Cons of Being A Christian Introvert

In the early church, one monk named Anthony finally agreed to return to the Christian community, on the condition that people do not visit him very often. This was an introvert who had thoroughly accustomed himself to life in the monastery and to being alone. He was content with being alone, studying the Scripture and… read more »

5 Reasons Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump

Consider for a moment the sort of person in whom you want to put your trust, who you believe can represent your interests, values, ethics and those of the entire nation. What would that sort of person look like? We obviously cannot expect an ideal candidate, for all of our criteria to be met, but… read more »

A Critique Of Fundamentalism From A Fundamentalist

Sometimes we will encounter blog posts from authors who are trying to ‘win the internet’ by pontificating about how conservative Christianity has faltered. They will say that we ought not be so stringent in our beliefs and doctrine, and that Jesus may not have really risen from the dead. They will say that the Bible… read more »

Beware Of Christian Bloggers Who Disseminate Misinformation

As a blogger and representative of the Christian faith, I consider it a duty to relay accurate information to my readers. If I present something concerning atheism, apologetics, comparative religion, science, philosophy, et cetera, I want to ensure that what I am representing is accurate. In this way, I labor to properly equip Christians. I… read more »

7 Ways To Tell If An Atheist Is Not Worth Your Time

Christians sometimes find themselves engaging in dialogue with people identify as atheists. Often, these conversations will amount to nothing more than intellectual sparring or preaching. The atheist is only looking for a platform to recite the latest one-liner that they read in a meme. Yet the conversation persists out of pride. The Christian does not… read more »

Do Christians Have Moral Duties?

Often as Christians read the Bible and learn the doctrines therein, they will over-extend the logical implications of these doctrines, which leads to unwarranted conclusions. One of the most obvious examples of this is the over-extension of justification by faith alone. In an attempt to avoid the error of works-salvation, some people will say that… read more »

My Visit To Saddleback Church

Having not been in Los Angeles for long, I am non-committal to the churches that I have visited. However, I have attended a few small group meetings, which are quite nice because they offer an outlet to meet and get to know new people who happen to kindred spirits; Christian by faith. Among those small… read more »

Is Mark Driscoll A Heretic?

Is Mark Driscoll a heretic? When my 2013 article 5 Popular Christian Teachers To Avoid went viral, there were a number of reactions. Some people wanted to know what I meant by what I said, and whether I condemned them as sinners going to Hell. The answers to that would be that I do not…. read more »