Defending The Existence of God

The three dots are the mathematical symbol for “therefore.” The cross represents Christianity. The logo therefore means, “Therefore, God Exists.”
Founded by Jim Boucher in 2012, Therefore, God Exists is a Christian apologetics and theology blog devoted to providing good answers to difficult questions. These questions could relate to the existence of God, the coherence of theism, or the challenges of atheism. This is where Therefore, God Exists will appeal to natural theology by representing the classical arguments for the existence of God and defending them against philosophical critiques.

Defining And Defending Christian Theology

Second, Therefore, God Exists will defend the coherence of Christian theology. While some may think that theology and apologetics are separate entities, Therefore, God Exists treats them as deeply interrelated. If the conclusion that Jesus rose from the dead is to be reached, one will also have to ask what the religion that Jesus left behind looks like. Defining and defending the nuances of the Christian faith will be part of the task of apologetics. Accordingly, Therefore, God Exists represents the Protestant tradition and will engage with the theological arguments mounted by Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and other denominations within Protestantism.

Defining And Defending Biblical Ethics

Further, social and ethical issues such as abortion will often arise on Therefore, God Exists. The gospel is not preached in a vacuum. Every culture will have specific moral challenges. The church needs to know how to deal with these challenges to have a strong witness. Therefore, God Exists therefore confronts issues such as abortion, sexual ethics, public policy, government, and anything relevant that might arise.

Some of Therefore, God Exist’s References

Defending biblical theology in all of these issues will require research and reliable sources. Throughout this website, readers will find material ranging from the height of scholarship to another blog that the authors of Therefore, God Exists thought was insightful. Typically, sources used will include but are not limited to Dr. John Meier, Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Paul Helm, Ron Paul, Dr. Frank Turek, Professor Richard Dawkins, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, Dr. John Duvall, Dr. RC Sproul, Hans King, Dr. W. Jay Wood, Dr. Arthur F. Holmes, Dr. John Walvoord, Dr. Ronald Nash, CS Lewis, and many more.

The Cartoons

Critics sometimes ask why Therefore, God Exists uses cartoons to illustrate the points made in each article. The answer is simple. Readers will easily become overwhelmed by a big block of text. A random picture is one option. The cartoons are another. Further, the cartoons provide a brief introduction to the article, allowing the reader to quickly decide if the information is interesting to her.

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