The Historical Jesus

God On Trial: Reviewing Some of The Best Objections To Apologetics

Those of us who dabble in philosophy of religion will encounter a range of objections. We might hear Christians using a clearly circular argument against atheism. We might hear an atheist proudly reciting shallow one-liners like “Who created God?” But sometimes there are potent counterarguments that make you stop and think about whether your argument… read more »

Finding The Historical Jesus Amidst Divisive Scholarship

The identity of Jesus of Nazareth is integral to the Christian message. As Christians, we claim that one’s answer to that question will seal their fate in eternity. Those who put their trust in his promises will receive the fruit of those promises, while those who do not will lose their soul. Jesus has probably… read more »

Ehrman/Price: Did Jesus Exist? Debate Review

Jesus mythicists are those who deny that there ever was a historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth. In this debate, Dr. Bart Ehrman pointed out that mythicists are often perceived as just wanting to drop a bomb on Christian theology. Jesus is the core of Christianity. If there was no Jesus of Nazareth, then Christianity as… read more »

Did Josephus Write About Jesus, Or Was It Entirely A Forgery?

Are there any early accounts or testimonies of the life of Jesus that are independent of the biblical data? Well, before beginning to discuss the data in Josephus, it should be noted that it would be a mistake to discount the biblical data simply because it is a theological text. While Christians do believe that… read more »

Can A Historian Use God As An Explanation?

People often think that Christian theology is just something that one has to accept by blind faith, or not. We must either accept a certain number of propositions as tenets of our faith, because there is really no way for us to establish that these things are true. But in the early church, there was… read more »

Bart Ehrman Vs Justin Bass Debate Review

Doctor Bart Ehrman is something like a rock in the shoe of evangelical Christians that is impossible to get out. I take off my shoe and violently labor to shake it out. I reach my hand in, feel around and I do not think it is there. Then I put my shoe back on and… read more »

Did Paul Think That Jesus Was An Actual Human Being?

There is a gap of a couple of decades between the death of Jesus and the earliest biography of his life that we have. This might raise a question about what the earliest Christians thought about Jesus. Did they think the same things that we do? Was their worship akin to our worship? Was their… read more »

Is The Gospel of John Reliable?

Christians who indulge in liberal scholarship will hear the testimony that the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) are somewhat reliable, while the Gospel of John is not reliable as a historical document. It will be testified that the Gospel of John contains embellished and later details of the Lord Jesus, or that it was… read more »

Several Reasons That Jesus Existed

Many atheists attempt to lodge the radical assertion that Jesus of Nazareth never even existed. They want to reduce everything about Christian theology to pure mythology, so to not allow a divine foot in the door. To that end, they attempt to say that Jesus of Nazareth was a completely made up characters and there… read more »

Several Reasons The Disciples Did Not Hallucinate Jesus

The overwhelming majority of secular scholars hold to the conclusion that the disciples, enemies and skeptics had visions of Jesus of Nazareth, in which he appeared to them alive after his death. Atheist New Testament scholars such as Gerd Ludemann speak for the majority of scholars when he says, “It may be taken as historically… read more »

Is Jesus A Copy Of Pagan Myths?

Many atheist non-historians have made a point to attack the historicity of the gospels, and the historicity of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The point that this is an attack by non-historians is important because historical and theological scholars do not take seriously these claims. The overwhelming majority of historical scholars acknowledge that Jesus… read more »

Was Jesus Crucified?

It is less than surprising that laymen attempt to call into question the gospel account of the crucifixion of Christ, because they often attempt to reduce all of Christian belief to pure mythology. But the crucifixion is one of the most profound events that ever occurred; the sheer wrath of God went on the head… read more »

Did The Disciples Make Up The Resurrection?

Since the resurrection of Christ, a plethora of bad explanations have arisen out of liberal scholarship that attempt to explain the surrounding data without the view that Jesus had been raised from the dead. In fact, this debate arose almost immediately, for when the tomb of Jesus was found empty, the disciples were instantly accused… read more »

Did Paul Actually See Jesus?

Perhaps God’s most influential instrument was the apostle Paul, as he proclaimed the gospel message among an extraordinarily heavily persecuted time. He did not fly out to Jerusalem, preach, and then fly back to the United States to enjoy the comfort of his life. Preaching the gospel in hostile territory was his life, and far… read more »

Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Most religious systems that have been developed in the last two thousand years have had some sort of testimony of Christ, whether he was merely a manifestation of the gods, a Hindu deity, a great prophet, and so forth. But the earliest testimony that most closely corresponds to his life suggests that he was the… read more »