Evidence For God

If Science Works And The Universe Is Rational, Then God Probably Exists

In the secular mind, there are two opposing forces in the world. Both have exhibited extreme power, and one is waning. Those powers are science and religion. Science has the power to spring mankind forward out of the clutches of ignorance, into a world of technology, convenience and intellectual wealth. On the other hand, religion… read more »

Can A Universe Emerge From Absolutely Nothing?

The perennial debate between believers and non-believers has often focused upon the existence of the universe. When a skeptical person asks the believer why it is that they believe in the existence of God, they will point to the sky, the ocean, the trees, and the wide variety of life. Of course, this would be… read more »

If Atheism Is True, It Follows That Atheism Is False

Atheists will sometimes tell us that atheism is not a proposition, and as such, it can neither be true nor false. Since it is just a reflection of one’s psychological state (lacking a belief in God) to suggest that atheism were true or false would be to commit a category error. One can understand why… read more »

If God Is Improbable, It Follows That God Exists

A few years ago, Richard Dawkins aligned with a secular organization to publish a banner on a bus in England that read, “There is probably no God. Now, stop worrying and enjoy your life.” This message is a representation of the direction of society. Secularism has a more prominent voice than it did in recent… read more »

How Do You Know That The Bible Is God’s Word?

There are certain aspects of the Christian worldview that many people find objectionable. The man with the unregenerate heart will not enjoy hearing that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. The individual who aspires for moral autonomy will posit a form of relativism, suggesting that you cannot impose your morals upon them. The… read more »

What Would A Universe Without God Look Like?

People often have the impression that it is difficult to know whether God exists. We have to take the natural world as it is, and desperately look for clues of God under every rock, peeking into the deep crevices of the earth, hoping that there might be some evidence of God’s existence. With such an… read more »

Do Our Experiences Of God Give Us Reason To Believe In Him?

It is often difficult for people to articulate why they believe in the existence of God. This may not be because they are stupid or uneducated, but rather that they have never thought about it from that angle. So they as they ponder this question, they may reveal answer that are either inadequate, or they… read more »

Is Consciousness Evidence For God?

What is a person? What is the self? Who am I? People have this conception of the self. They have this idea that they exist and behave in this universe. All of our actions and thoughts and beliefs presuppose this reality. We exist. Other people exist. I exist. The question that has puzzled philosophers for… read more »

Can Goodness Exist If God Does Not Exist?

The eye untainted by the contemporary western lights may gaze through the nights’ sky and in the distance, at the right angle and during the right time, may see the red sphere in the lower echelons of space. As our technology has elevated, we gained more perspective of our cosmic neighbor, and fiction writers like… read more »

Why Does Anything At All Exist?

People believe in God’s existence because it is obvious in the existence of the natural world. Any argument that is mounted against God’s existence will always fall short, will never measure up, to the abundance of the natural world around us. In the words of the apostle Paul, “For since the creation of the world… read more »

The Kalam Cosmological Argument

There are certain fundamental questions which will eventually arise out of any intelligent life form. Men will ask themselves why it is that they exist, whether their life has meaning, value, or purpose. The greatest philosophers throughout history have attempted to answer these questions, and questions about the entire known universe. Questions about why anything… read more »