Apologetics/Theology (Miscellaneous)

How To Practice Religion Without Being Superstitious

As children of Descartes, westerners tend to think of the world in scientific terms. That may account for the increasing secularization of the culture. People are less likely to turn to religion for answers and more likely to turn to science. There is thought to be a vast chasm between religion and science and one… read more »

How To Avoid Being A Hack As A Christian Apologist

Christian apologetics is the practice of providing a defense of the Christian faith. This will be both positive and negative; providing evidence for God and interacting with the arguments of atheists. This effort is meant to win individuals to the faith and to adjust the cultural perception so that Christianity is a reasonable alternative. But… read more »

In Defense of The Babylon Bee

“Wipe that smile off your stupid face. Stop laughing, right now. It is not funny. This is serious.” Sometimes people take themselves far too seriously. Every issue that arises has to be alarming and enraging. There is no subtly or room for questions. We are in a cultural war and you are either with us… read more »

How To Win A Debate With The Christian Apologist Nextdoor

People leave the Christian faith because they found some deficiency in Christianity that could not be reconciled. Nobody had any good answers to their questions and this led them to conclude that there were no good answers. The Sunday School lessons are shallow, and the only method of providing any defense of the precepts of… read more »

William Lane Craig Vs James White: An Analysis

Theologians and scholars usually attract kindred spirits. Since Dr. James White is a reformed theologian, his fans would likewise consider themselves part of the reformed tradition. Unfortunately, the non-reformed usually do not enjoy the work of Dr. White, except when they want to conjure up a few words of criticism. They will be more inclined… read more »

Do Classical Apologetics Postulate A Probabilistic God?

As Christians, our marching orders are found in Matthew 28:19. We are commanded to go into every nation, preaching the gospel and baptizing converts. God has commissioned his people to relay his plan of salvation to the world. However, there is a divide among Christians about the best way that one can accomplish this task…. read more »

7 Slogans Christians Need To Stop Using

Many of our intellectual pursuits are shallow. People are more interested in being entertained and clinging to catchy one-liners and slogans that seem to summarize what they think, as opposed to rigorous thought complimented by thorough research. Of course, there is nothing wrong with slogans. Sometimes a slogan is a good way to communicate complicated… read more »

When You Should Fire Your Youth Pastor

What makes a church? What factors go into the decision for an individual to choose a particular church? People often look for an outlet for their children, perhaps to keep their teenagers out of trouble, make nice friends, and to provide them with biblical and spiritual insight. So, one might find a church that has… read more »

Is God Wholly Other?

Philosophers and theologians are sometimes keen to suggest that God is “wholly other.” This has become popular among liberal Christianity, represented by men such as Professor John Hick. It is to suggest that God is unlike anything at all in his creation, and all attempts to define or describe God will always be inaccurate or… read more »

A Critique Of Fundamentalism From A Fundamentalist

Sometimes we will encounter blog posts from authors who are trying to ‘win the internet’ by pontificating about how conservative Christianity has faltered. They will say that we ought not be so stringent in our beliefs and doctrine, and that Jesus may not have really risen from the dead. They will say that the Bible… read more »

What Is Christianity?

Throughout their lives, people have different experiences of Christianity, and these experiences tend to paint their interpretation of what Christianity is. Whether it was represented properly or not, people carry around images of Christian belief that do not necessarily represent historic or biblical Christian belief. People will reject a Christianity that is foreign to the… read more »

Against Presuppositional Apologetics

When a Christian encounters a non-believer with whom they aim to share the gospel, there are a number of approaches available for them to adopt. It often just depends on the individual with whom they are speaking. After all, people are individuals and have individual needs and barriers and intellectual disputes that will inhibit them… read more »

Who Is The Suffering Servant? Israel Or Jesus?

Christians who want to defend their faith often will appeal to fulfilled prophecies in the Old Testament, knowledge of New Testament revelation that would not be there absent divine inspiration. Of course, the Jews often stand ready to take the Christians to task, because they do not believe in the inspiration of the New Testament…. read more »

Why Wasn’t Jesus Named Immanuel?

Why wasn’t Jesus named Immanuel? After all, Isaiah seemed to indicate what the Messiah’s name would be. He writes, “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14). Many Christian songs feature the name Immanuel,… read more »

Questions Christians Hope Nobody Will Ask (And The Answers)

There are a number of nagging and difficult questions that Christians just have no answer for, and when they share their faith, they hope that nobody asks them these questions. They just try to not think about them. Many atheists and non-believers expose this fact by making a point to pose difficult questions that they… read more »

5 Questions All Christians Should Be Able To Answer

When engaged in dialogue with people out in the world, Christians will encounter certain common objections that they should be able to answer. These are usually based on misconceptions or just misinformation which they have received. They may also be general questions of curiosity that people have. When people find out that you are a… read more »

5 Popular Christian Teachers Who Glorify God

As a compliment to my recent article, 5 Popular Christian Teachers To Avoid, I think it is profitable to know also which teachers bring glory to God. In a westernized and Americanized Christianity, full of carnality and culture, are there any men of God who rise up to speak the truth? Does anybody rise up… read more »

7 Misconceptions About Christianity

There are certainly more than 7 misconceptions about Christianity, however I am writing about many of those that we encounter frequently. These are claims that people make who typically are not very engaged in the issues, but are just sort of repeating what they heard before, or what sounds good to them. When people want… read more »