Counter-Islamic Apologetics

The Life, Legacy And Death of Nabeel Qureshi

Throughout the last 24 hours, the Christian philosopher David Wood has been posting images that memorialize his friend Nabeel Qureshi who passed away on September 16th, 2017. For those who do not know Dr. Wood, he is a Christian apologist whose ministerial efforts are primarily angled toward converting Muslims to faith. As a philosopher, he… read more »

7 Misunderstandings Muslims Have of Christianity

It can be difficult for us to represent other religions properly. If a Christian pastor were representing Islamic thought, and I did not know or recognize this man as a reputable source, I would assume that he would do a poor job. I would be suspicious that his presentation would be full of misrepresentations, and… read more »

Why I Lost Respect For Dr. Shabir Ally

Dr. Shabir Ally is widely known as the foremost living Islamic apologist, scholar and debater. He has summoned the intellectual respect of men of all different religions. I have thoroughly enjoyed his interactions with Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. James White, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, and most recently, Dr. David Wood. He has immersed himself in… read more »

Shabir Ally Vs David Wood – Paul Or Muhammad? Debate Review

Paul and Muhammad are figures of history around which Christianity and Islam have built their doctrine. Since Paul’s letters compose the majority of the New Testament, he is a central figure of Christianity. He was commissioned by Jesus after the resurrection. His duty was to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. However, Muslims do not… read more »

If Islam Were True, Why Would Jesus Become Famous?

Many readers are familiar, at least in passing, with some distinctions between Islam and Christianity. Often Muslims are prone to employ a sort of shock factor by reminding Christians that they do love and revere Jesus as a prophet of God, just as we do. They believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, committed… read more »

Does Islam Allow Sex Slavery?

It is tempting for us to be sympathetic with our Islamic friends who want to disassociate themselves from the renegade terrorists who blow themselves and kidnap young children, taking them as sex slaves. Muslims who grew up in the west (and perhaps many even in countries where Islam is the majority religion) think that the… read more »

Can We Trust The Hadith?

A good Sunni Muslim will affirm two sources of authority for tradition and beliefs. First and primarily, there is the Qur’an. Muslims believe that the Qur’an was literally dictated, word-for-word, by God. As such, it is without any human corruption or burden. It is without human context. It is an eternal book, many Muslims believe… read more »

Does The Author Of The Qur’an Understand The Trinity?

Does the author of the Qur’an understand the trinity? Christians are often told that nobody can; the trinity is confusing and counter-intuitive. Although, if the Qur’an were truly divine in origin, the author (Allah) would comprehend the mystery of the trinity and would be able to fully expound upon it. Therefore not only would the… read more »

Was Muhammad A Sexual Deviant?

Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad was the ideal man; pious and holy, set apart from all of the heathens of the world. If a person wants to be a proper Muslim in absolute submission to God, they need to imitate Muhammad (Qur’an 33:21). That is why so many Islamic fundamentalists are named Muhammad. That is… read more »

Is The Qur’an A Perfect Book?

Is the Qur’an a perfect book? This is the argument that the Qur’an offers for itself. There is no book that is like it. Muslims maintain that it was dictated by God himself, handed to an angel, and given to Muhammad. For those who doubt that the Qur’an really is from God, it poses the… read more »

Were Jesus’ Disciples Muslims?

The Qur’an makes very radical claims about Jesus that contradict almost all historical scholarship (aside from that of committed Muslims). They hold that Jesus himself was a Muslim, a mere prophet of God, and in fact, his disciples were Muslims. The Qur’an attributes to the disciples the following statement: “We will be helpers of Allah…. read more »