Social Issues & Biblical Ethics

Busting A Few Common Myths About Libertarianism

Every position subject to the public sphere has been mishandled and misrepresented both by its own advocates and especially by detractors. The public eagerly awaits the opportunity to craft mindless cartoon versions of robust and complex philosophical models that leave one wondering, “How could anybody believe this?” The answer is of course that nobody does… read more »

Why I Would Prefer Prayers To Legislation

There is nothing particularly novel or profound about telling people that prayers do not excuse inaction. In fact, that notion is built into Christian theology. In James 2, he writes that faith not accompanied by action is a dead faith. Yet we hear politically motivated individuals angrily reminding people that two hands at work are… read more »

My King Is A Brown, Middle Eastern Jew

There was a pretty significant paradigm shift 2000 years ago that forever changed culture, religion and theology. When Jesus came on the scene, he came bearing the message that the kingdom of God had come in himself – which is what he referred to as the gospel. Isaiah anticipated the coming of Christ when he… read more »

Why I Am A Heretic And You Should Be Too

When we talk about heresy, we usually refer to a denial of one of the core Christian claims. But sometimes overzealous Christians will extend the concept a little too far. They will refer to anybody who disagrees with them as a heretic. Any dissidence from their traditional values is thought to be heresy. When I… read more »

Why Biblical Sexual Ethics Strains Intimacy Between Church And Culture

Sexual. Many people clicked on this link almost instinctively just because they saw that word in the title. For many (believer or nonbeliever), sexuality is a defining element of life, one of the great pleasures that we have in this short time on earth. As Christians, we believe that sexuality is a great gift properly… read more »

Where Libertarianism Overlaps With LGBT Activism

There are some political issues that are really definitional to one’s political philosophy. For many right-leaning libertarians (especially Christian libertarians), that definitional issue will be abortion. Some Christians may even favor or be amenable toward big-government solutions, but their passion about pro-life issues will bar them from voting Democrat. LGBT activism is another definitional issue,… read more »

Why Rand Paul’s Libertarianism Could Be The Next Big Thing

Tell me, are you a liberal or a conservative? You are not really one of those right-wing racist misogynists, are you? Or are you one of those radical left-wing elitists? People spend so much time crafting their memes about what the other side is that they do not stop to ask any questions about what… read more »

Reorienting Yourself After A Tumultuous Election Cycle

According to the latest polls, most Americans are tired of the election process and glad to see the 2016 Presidential Election come to a close. Most showed their disdain in the marked absence at the voting booth, as there was a record low in the voter turnout in the last twenty years. Both of the… read more »

How Modern Feminism Conflicts With Transgenderism

Consider those whom you might consider a political or a social ally. In theological discourse, a Calvinist might consider an Arminian an ally if they are debating a unitarian or a Pelagian. The great nation of Israel often thinks of conservative Christians as allies. In political and social issues, though, firm Christians often do not… read more »

How Books By Old Men Are More Significant Than The 2016 Election

It is October of an election year. This means that millions of people who are not interested in politics suddenly have a vested interest in the outcome of the next several months. After the election, people will either spend the night celebrating or lower their head in defeat, and then they will move on, as… read more »

How Should Christians React To The Trump Tapes?

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, we have all taken it as a given that Donald Trump makes offensive remarks. One might even argue that has been the thrust of his campaign. It was how he has controlled the media and how he has won over the majority of GOP voters. People are exhausted with the… read more »

Is The Ability To Vote For A Ruler Truly A Virtue?

As of this writing, it is currently an election year. With an election year comes much rhetoric, including slogans such as, “Don’t waste your vote!” or “Not voting is a vote for (insert the candidate that you do not want).” They will tell us that if you waste your vote, then you have no right… read more »

Should The Testimony of Practicing Homosexuals Change Our View?

Why do you believe the things that you do? Why do you act in a certain? Why did you marry the person that you did? These are questions with which we are all confronted at some point, and often, we appeal to our own personal narrative. We explain how we have been personally affected. People… read more »

Why Even Non-Christians Need To Quit Watching Pornography

Pornography addicts will often tell themselves that there is nothing really wrong with the practice. Everybody does it. What are you, some sort of religious fundamentalist? Men watch pornography. We should all get over it. We should stop imposing our morals upon people who just want to have a good time. They are alone, in… read more »

What Can We Learn About Our Culture From The Dancing Man?

We all have compassion for other people. Unless you are a sociopath, you do not want other people to feel bad. Sometimes people do draw pleasure or amusement from inflicting pain and suffering upon others. An immoral person may enjoy causing an individual to depart from their marital vows and engage in an illicit affair…. read more »

5 Reasons Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump

Consider for a moment the sort of person in whom you want to put your trust, who you believe can represent your interests, values, ethics and those of the entire nation. What would that sort of person look like? We obviously cannot expect an ideal candidate, for all of our criteria to be met, but… read more »

The Biblical Case Against Racism

If I wanted to illustrate that the government sometimes dictated laws that were patently immoral, one of the most obvious examples that I could appeal to are those with racist overtones. If a law presupposes that a person with a particular pigmentation is morally inferior to another, then this is an immoral law. The abomination… read more »