Addressing Van Tillian Apologetics

How Presuppositionalists Suppress The Truth In False Piety

Piety is a virtue. It describes devotion to Christ and to righteousness. It means that everything in our lives is under submission to Jesus. Yet there are times when somebody seems a little too pious, whether out of arrogance or misguided naivety. Jesus often confronted false piety, especially in Matthew 23. We might see something… read more »

Is The Minimal Facts Argument Impious?

More people who identify themselves as Christians throughout the world are becoming far more inclined toward liberal theology. They are disassociating themselves with the Bible, perhaps in an effort to have a seat at the proverbial table, to have the respect of intellectuals. They want men such as Bart Ehrman and other liberal theologians to… read more »

What Presuppositionalists Can Learn From Classical Apologetics

It is easy to create divisions. Anybody can foster a sectarian state of mind. It is quite natural for people to think that they are members of an elite class. This is particularly prevalent in religious thought. People who believe in certain religious claims are inclined to think that they are special, wiser, or in… read more »

Do Classical Apologetics Postulate A Probabilistic God?

As Christians, our marching orders are found in Matthew 28:19. We are commanded to go into every nation, preaching the gospel and baptizing converts. God has commissioned his people to relay his plan of salvation to the world. However, there is a divide among Christians about the best way that one can accomplish this task…. read more »

Against Presuppositional Apologetics

When a Christian encounters a non-believer with whom they aim to share the gospel, there are a number of approaches available for them to adopt. It often just depends on the individual with whom they are speaking. After all, people are individuals and have individual needs and barriers and intellectual disputes that will inhibit them… read more »