Oneness Pentecostal Heresy

Is The Oneness Versus Trinity Debate Just Theological Nitpicking?

My Conversion From Oneness Pentecostalism To Biblical Christianity

Does The Old Testament Teach Oneness Or Trinity?

A Response To Marcus Rogers Regarding Oneness Pentecostalism

Answering A Few Common Oneness Pentecostal Arguments

Does John 17 Teach Oneness Or Trinity?

What Is Wrong With The Oneness View Of God?

Are Pentecostal Tongues Biblical?

What Does Philippians 2:5-8 Mean?

What Does John 1:1 Mean?

Does Deuteronomy 6:4 Disprove The Trinity?

Why Didn’t The Jews Believe In The Trinity?

If God Is A Trinity, And Man Is Made In His Image, Why Are There Not Three Of You?

Is Jesus God The Son?

Should We Only Baptize In The Name Of Jesus?

Are Tongues Necessary For Salvation?



3 Thoughts to “Oneness Pentecostal Heresy”

  1. I’m very interested to see your discussion of Oneness Pentecostalism. Even though I was raised by Christian parents and obeyed the gospel myself at 13, I had never heard of the Oneness group until I met a Oneness pastor who I subsequently dated. His theology was eye-opening; I had never been called a “Trinitarian” before. Because of my involvement with him, I spent quite a bit of time studying their theology and asking him questions. We broke up in part because we couldn’t agree theologically. I haven’t had time to read your discussions thoroughly yet, but I will. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I think we would all be better served if we could lay out our theological understandings plainly and without rancor, and focus on serving God better rather than supporting our own “side”. I do have theological differences with many, and could not worship with them for that reason, but I fully respect their dedication to God. I will peruse your blog as I have time, and will likely take issue with you on some points. I look forward to an honest discussion.

    1. I have difficulty regarding the UPCI as a true Christian denomination. They condemn every denomination aside from themselves, so I could see how it might be difficult to maintain a relationship with a person involved in that. But yeah, you are welcome to read the articles on this page and leave any comments that you have. The reason that I am willing to defend my points is that I think it is important to know and understand doctrine and know how to defend orthodox doctrine. This is not necessary a page for debating Oneness Pentecostals as much as it is a page of helping people get answers to the questions posed by them.

  2. Chaiwallah

    When I was looking for a Spirit-filled Pentecostal fellowship, I came into contact with a UPCI church. I was impressed by their spirited worship services and the strong love that seemed to be shared by the members. After a short time, I learned that they were “Oneness Pentecostals” and that in their view believers in the Trinity were heretical polytheists. I have no trouble personally reconciling the notion of One God with Three Persons, the triune Godhead, and tried to draw the senior pastor out on the matter but was unsuccessful. I only confided my differences to the senior pastor because as I told him, I wasn’t there to bring discord or division. Anyway, Augustine in his work, ON THE TRINITY (part of THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SAINT AUGUSTINE, Kindle, $1.99), explains the matter wonderfully and I recommend it as essential to anyone who would understand this doctrine.

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