Answering Criticisms Of The Bible

We live in a time wherein the attacks against the Bible have never been more vociferous. Therefore, I have compiled these articles in which I am answering criticisms of the Bible.

Does The Bible Portray An Unscientific View of The World?

Does The Old Testament Portray God As Evil?

How Do You Know That The Bible Is God’s Word?

Is The Gospel of John Reliable?

Is The NIV Bible Corrupt?

How Many Authors Wrote Isaiah?

Did Paul Take Verses Out Of Context?

Is The Da Vinci Code Right About The Bible?

Does The Bible Condone Slavery?

Why Isn’t The Gospel of Thomas In The Bible?

Why Do The Synoptic Gospels Seem To Contradict Each Other?

Is The Bible Full Of Contradictions?

Is The Bible Relevant Today?