Was Jesus Crucified?

It is less than surprising that laymen attempt to call into question the gospel account of the crucifixion of Christ, because they often attempt to reduce all of Christian belief to pure mythology. But the crucifixion is one of the most profound events that ever occurred; the sheer wrath of God went on the head… read more »

Did The Disciples Make Up The Resurrection?

Since the resurrection of Christ, a plethora of bad explanations have arisen out of liberal scholarship that attempt to explain the surrounding data without the view that Jesus had been raised from the dead. In fact, this debate arose almost immediately, for when the tomb of Jesus was found empty, the disciples were instantly accused… read more »

Did Paul Actually See Jesus?

Perhaps God’s most influential instrument was the apostle Paul, as he proclaimed the gospel message among an extraordinarily heavily persecuted time. He did not fly out to Jerusalem, preach, and then fly back to the United States to enjoy the comfort of his life. Preaching the gospel in hostile territory was his life, and far… read more »

Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Most religious systems that have been developed in the last two thousand years have had some sort of testimony of Christ, whether he was merely a manifestation of the gods, a Hindu deity, a great prophet, and so forth. But the earliest testimony that most closely corresponds to his life suggests that he was the… read more »