When I respond to atheist one-liners I find myself wondering what they would say if we would venture into the depth of these topics, and I consider the work that I have already published on my website, and what they might say in response to it. Sometimes they decide to offer a response, but usually something that I addressed internally to the article, or only one line or something like that.

Now I would like to find atheists who are interested in having a thorough discussion on the internet about these topics; putting all of our cards on the table to see which of our cases stands more firmly in light of reason and science and knowledge.

The format will be as follows:
1 Introduction (1500 words or less) per debater.
1 long rebuttal (1000 words or less) per debater.
1 short rebuttal (750 words or less) per debater.
(This dialogue is temporarily suspended after short rebuttal)
3 questions posed for the other debater to answer (the answer to the 3 questions will be in 750 total words or less) per debater.
1 closing statement to end the debate (500 words or less) per debater.

The person who is making the affirmative case (depending on the topic) will make the first introduction while the other will make the last conclusion.

I will make my remarks on a post in my blog. My opponent will make theirs somewhere else (just so I am not accused of tampering with their remarks), but preferably somewhere that I can link to, as I will be copy/pasting my opponents’ remarks into the new post and replying to it.

I would also like my opponent to be known to my audience as something other than “Atheist699023”. At least a first name is required. Fill out the following form if you are interested!



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