Do you ever read my articles and think that you wish you could see somebody take me out to the woodshed? Well, I have an open invitation for anybody to participate in a debate with me in the following format:

1 introductory post per debater (1500 Words)
1 Long Rebuttal per debater (1000 Words)
1 Short Rebuttal Per Debater (750 Words)
At this point, each debater will pose three questions to the other.
1 Post answering 3 questions per debater (750 Words)
1 Concluding Post per debater (500 Words)

Here is an archive of my previous debates.

Is Baptism Essential For Salvation Today? – vs Robert Shaver SHOW/HIDE.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument – vs Rosa Rubicondior SHOW/HIDE.

Is A Prime Mover Necessary? SHOW/HIDE.

Is The Universe A Design? SHOW/HIDE.

Is Jesus God? SHOW/HIDE.



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