Why Do So Many Christian Leaders Support Ted Cruz?

cruz 1While it may not play very well into the contemporary narrative, the evangelical vote is potent in the United States. There is still a bastion of hope in that there are so many people who have a vision of the United States that departs from liberalism and secularism and abortionism. The evangelical vote is heavily vied for among all of the Republican candidates, such that men like Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will all put their faith on display, hoping it will hoist them to victory. Most strict conservative voters are split between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, with Cruz dominating the evangelical vote, with more than 200 pastors, scholars, and faith leaders claiming support for the Senator. Among them are men such as Dr. Michael Brown, a respected and beloved scholar in the evangelical community. The question is, why do so many Christian leaders support Ted Cruz?

cruz 2His fight against abortion.
As Christians and as people of conscience, we are deeply concerned about abortion. We seem to be living in a culture that believes that they can close their eyes and forget that the person that they are hacking to pieces is an actual human being. We live in a world where human life is reduced to extrinsic features of an individual, such as their geographic location or whether they are a convenience or an inconvenience to you. We live in a world where somebody can be a biological human being and we still justify their slaughter for selfish reasons. We expect Christians and the church to be bastions of righteousness in the face of this treacherous evil.

But out of the mouth of men like Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner, we hear the same pro-choice rhetoric that we would expect to hear from Nancy Pelosi. Even out of the mouth of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were endorsements of abortion in cases of rape. Conservative candidates are supposed to stand for something. So when men such as Ted Cruz (with a staunch record of fighting against abortion and defending life) rise up, Christian leaders take notice. Why do so many Christian leaders support Ted Cruz? He is one of the only candidates who will make no concessions or apologies for the pro-life movement.

He is actually a conservative.
We are so tired of Republicans who make concessions to liberalism. In an effort to garner votes among liberals, to suggest that they are not that radical after all, they will shift their views so as to be more appeasing to the general crowd. That is why Donald Trump can seize the independent vote in New Hampshire but not the evangelical vote in Iowa. Conservatives are just not willing to come out to vote for moderates.

This means that moderate conservatives cannot win a General Election. Conservatives are often not willing to come out and vote for the lesser evil. They do not want Obamacare. They do not want socialism. In 2008, the GOP chose McCain, and in 2012, it nominated Romney, both of whom are moderate conservatives and the conservative voters just would not come out. Conservatives want someone who will stand unashamedly for conservative principles. They want someone who is principled. Why do so many Christian leaders support Ted Cruz? They support him for the very reason that so many liberals say that he could never win an election. He is a conservative who would labor aggressively to install conservative policies.

His staunch conservative record.
One of the frustrations that the American people have with politicians is that they are not transparent. We do not know anything about them. We just have to hear their words and listen to their vision and hope that they are telling the truth. Dr. Frank Turek even once said in jest that an “honest politician” is a contradiction in terms. Ted Cruz has spent his campaign challenging that negative stigma. He implored the people of Iowa, “Don’t listen to what any politician says. Don’t listen to what I say.” He called them instead to look at what they have accomplished and how they have spent their life.

In that same speech, describing what he would do on his first day in office, he said that he would open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and prosecute any and all criminal offenders. When the Senate passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, Obama vetoed it. But if and when Senate passed the same bill to a President Cruz, he would not veto it. We can be sure of that because he has spent his career fighting against abortion. His TX H2B bill has already closed half of the abortion clinics in the state of Texas. Why do so many Christian leaders support Ted Cruz? They support him because we can know that a President Cruz would aggressively pursue conservative policies as he has done throughout the course of his political career.

A fundamentally different strategy to defeating ISIS.
We live in a day that Americans do not feel safe. They feel like they could walk down the street, go to a wedding party, to the movie theater and be attacked by terrorists. Police officers could be murdered in the street by terrorists. We are a nation at war, and we are facing a threat that is simply unparalleled in American history. We are confronted with unconventional warfare tactics and war crimes such as pretending to be civilians. Yet our nation has taken passive national security measures. Rather than destroying the enemy, we “contain” them. We say things like, “They are the JV team” which was quickly countered by the Paris attacks. Many of us recognize that this passive approach to national security is fundamentally flawed and cannot win a war.

Ted Cruz has expressed an aggressive approach to national security. Acknowledging and confronting the problem of passivity, he said, “I will utterly destroy ISIS.” Powerfully, he promised, “We will find out if the sand can glow” and “We will carpet-bomb them.” Liberal candidates have taken these clips out of context and generated attacks on Ted Cruz. They have implied that he would just bomb innocent civilians and waged massive war in the middle east like a power hungry tyrant. But what he was expressing was a fundamentally different strategy to defeating ISIS. Why do so many Christian leaders support Ted Cruz? We are a nation at war and have a President who will not admit it and who will not speak the name of our enemy. Ted Cruz will.

He is now the only GOP nominee who can defeat Trump.
There are a lot of other candidates in the race who I have respect for. Marco Rubio is a great candidate and a principled conservative. But there has never been a single election in the history of the GOP wherein a candidate did not win either Iowa or New Hampshire and went on to become the nominee. It has never happened. Cruz won Iowa and Trump won New Hampshire. This means that he can boast that he is the only candidate currently in the race who has a proven capacity to defeat Donald Trump. We may like Rubio a lot, and perhaps in eight or four years he will be the candidate. But Trump is too great of an obstacle, and with the climate of the nation, the polls and the trajectory of this race, Ted Cruz is the only candidate who stands a chance against Trump.

He brings out conservatives who do not usually vote.
There was a record turnout at the Iowa caucus. Ted Cruz garnered more votes than any other candidate in caucus history. This means that he is bringing out voters that the polls are not accounting for. Conservatives see in him a man of principle with a strong voice, a powerful message and who can win the election, and they come out to vote for him. They will stay home for McCain and Romney, but come out to Ted Cruz.

Why do so many Christian leaders support Ted Cruz? They see in him a man who is much like they are. He is uncompromising in conservatism where the rest of the party slowly makes concessions to the democrats to win over voters. He might not be perfect, and like anyone else, you might not agree with him about every line. But we can be assured of one thing. He will aggressively fight against abortion and ISIS. For that reason, many Christian leaders and scholars lend support to Ted Cruz. At ThereforeGodExists, we lend support to Senator Cruz as well.

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