A Few Challenges For Non-Christians

Non-Christians may feel that it is difficult to understand where Christians are coming from or relate to them, especially those who have no Christian background at all. They cannot understand our reasoning, why we do things or why it is that we believe in Christ. They cannot understand it. We clash with them when Christian… read more »

5 Problems With Oneness Pentecostal Doctrine

Many of my followers are aware that I have come from a Oneness Pentecostal background, and I often make harsh comparisons, in saying that they are similar to the Mormon church or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Of course I went into this thoroughly in my subsection Oneness Pentecostal Heresy but I think it would be profitable… read more »

5 Common Debate Mistakes Christians Make

As Christians engage with non-believers and attempt to share their faith, they certainly come across a bit of resistance. People often do not want to hear the gospel message. They are gospel-hardened. So they will raise several objections to Christianity, and we just find ourselves in a debate. In such a scenario, Christians are often… read more »

5 Reasons Atheism Is A Crutch

Often we will hear atheists say that belief in God is just a crutch for those who cannot bear reality. It is something that some pathetic loser chooses to employ so that they do not have to bear the fact that they are eventually going to die, that they have to live alone in this… read more »

5 Reasons Allah Is Not God

Despite that we, as Christians, can see through the charade because we have a whistleblower (the inerrant, inspired, and authoritative word of God) a third of human population has been thoroughly deceived by Islam. They have been taught falsehoods and the holiness of God, the nature of man, sin, Christ, and so forth. But, of… read more »

5 Reasons To Become A Christian

It is so unfortunate that so many Christians just do not know how to explain why they are Christians. Often the leaders of the congregation fail to even teach them sound doctrine. Instead we teach them only emotional experiences or how we can live good lives. We will seek after miracles and fun Bible stories… read more »

Is The Trinity In the Old Testament?

Something interesting that I have encountered is the difference between Jewish and Christian theology. This is interesting because Christianity sprung forth out of Judaism. Christ came from a Jewish background, affirmed that the Old Testament were Scriptures, and provided atonement and revelation to the world. But Christ’s revelation, in many instances, is in contrast with… read more »

Who Wrote The Qur’an?

Muslims regard the Qur’an as the finest piece of literature ever written, holding it in even higher regard than Christians hold the Bible. Christians believe that God inspired prophets, apostles, and people close to apostles to write the Scripture as authoritative, and these letters were saved and passed on, and eventually assembled together. This is… read more »

Is Jesus God? Debate Conclusion

In this debate over whether Jesus is God, I have found that much of my opponents’ rebuttals have been predicated upon debate tactics and attempting to avoid the arguments so that his conclusion can be protected. That is one reason that I am not really fond of the term debate because it indicates that both… read more »

Did Animals Die Before The Fall?

The fascination of education may differ in children in that some prefer only to stay inside watching television and refusing to indulge in the intellectual pursuits which are offered to them. Others participate in science experiments willingly and even enjoy it. However among both of these groups, there are few children that are not fascinated… read more »

Why Are Prayers Not Answered?

As we consider our relationship with God, and how to strengthen our ability to walk on the narrow way, we are often reminded that we need to pray more, that we need to pray more fervently and talk to the Lord. Communication is one of the fundamental elements of any relationship, and so the same… read more »

Kalam Cosmological Argument: Conclusion

Often our logical conclusions presuppose what is known as a basic belief. A basic belief would be a belief that we cannot prove by any empirical means, but that we are all rational accept. They are the foundation that the rest of our beliefs are constructed upon. Metaphysical truths about the existence of the external… read more »

Kalam Cosmological Argument: 3 Answers

Rosa Rubicondior: “How did you arrive at the set of all things which don’t begin to exist, why did you exclude all possible natural causes from that set, and why did you restrict it to your preferred conclusion, namely a supernatural deity?” Response: I answered this question a number of times. I suppose once more… read more »

Kalam Cosmological Argument – 2nd Rebuttal

Everything That Begins To Exist Has A Cause In my argument, I explained that the law of causality is strongly founded in philosophical scholarship, so that it would not be dishonest to hold to it for a doctor of philosophy (which I was referring to William Lane Craig, as discussed earlier in the debate, not… read more »

Kalam Cosmological Argument Debate: 1st Rebuttal

This is my first rebuttal in my debate on the topic of the Kalam Cosmological Argument with the atheist known as Rosa Rubicondior. Rosa’s introductory post can be found here. I am aware that both Rosa and myself have blogged on this topic a number of times, so I agree that much of what was… read more »

Should We Speak In Tongues Out Loud?

When a long time member of the body of Christ begins to explore new churches in the area, they are sometimes surprised at what they find; the great contrast between the systems of worship in other churches and their own church. Some denominations seem very ritualistic, bowing to candles before the altar, making the Sign… read more »

Is Moral Relativism True?

It is usually thought that moral values are sufficient to motivate people to act in a certain way. If somebody points out that some action is wrong, it can convict that person to annul whatever the immoral behavior was. Those who are in jail are there because they have done evil actions. But recently, there… read more »

Is Purgatory In The Bible?

The concept of the afterlife in Christian theology, namely the teaching that the righteous go to to Heaven and the unrighteous go to Hell, has been smeared by the doctrine known as Purgatory, which is the view that after death, those who are saved go to Purgatory so that they can atone for the sins… read more »