5 Popular Christian Teachers Who Glorify God

As a compliment to my recent article, 5 Popular Christian Teachers To Avoid, I think it is profitable to know also which teachers bring glory to God. In a westernized and Americanized Christianity, full of carnality and culture, are there any men of God who rise up to speak the truth? Does anybody rise up to defend, and preach, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? Is anybody guided by the Holy Spirit? Yes, there are many. This list is by no means all-inclusive (including only living people) but is just 5 popular Christian teachers who glorify God, and therefore, that all Christians should get to know.

1 – William Lane Craig

craigBeing converted to believe in Christ as a teenager, Doctor Craig tells of his relationship with God, who is a living reality in his life. Craig sees the fallen world, and he sees the sin, the rebellion and blasphemy against God. Craig sees the atheists who want nothing more than to crush the faith of young Christians, the academic professors who want to exploit the doubts of their students. He sees these men and goes out among them as a sheep among wolves, as wise as a serpent, but as harmless as a dove. Doctor Craig is probably the greatest living defender of the Christian faith.

Taking an evidential approach, Craig wrote a book called The Kalam Cosmological Argument in 1979, breathing life into an old argument for God’s existence, and even today, Craig’s version of the argument remains utterly unrefuted. He is a professional philosopher, and is scientifically literate, and in an age of scientism (the view that all truth comes from science), he is able to provide reasonable responses to atheist professors. Further, he is part of the historical search for evidence for Jesus of Nazareth. Doctor Craig is one of the leading scholars in the world about the evidence for the resurrection.

He takes this expertise and goes onto university campuses and debates atheist professors. As the atheist Doctor Sam Harris put it, “William Lane Craig is the one Christian apologist who seems to have put the fear of God into many atheists.” Craig is a man of God, and his ministry and apologetics bring glory and honor to God.

2 – Paul Washer

images-4Known best for what is known as The Shocking Sermon, Washer received applause from five thousand youth, to which he rebuked them, “I do not know why you are applauding. I am talking about you.” By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Paul Washer rigorously condemns American Christianity for its’ easy believism. Washer claims to have declared war against the Sinner’s Prayer. Not the prayer itself, but the belief that one can just say this prayer once in their life, have no repentance in their heart, and still be saved.

He is best known for his attempt to revive the Baptist denomination. He argues that the Baptists have had such a beautiful history of staying firmly planted in the truth, even when the culture was shifting into heresy. But today, the Baptists have failed to meet this precedent. So Washer tours Baptist churches in the United States, teaching, full of Spirit and truth, the view known as Lordship Salvation. Lordship Salvation is the view that salvation comes exclusively by grace through faith. But the evidence of this salvation, coming after salvation, is good works. Paul Washer exposes the American Christianity that has condemned so many, and teaches them the gospel of Jesus Christ. He brings glory to God.

3 – John MacArthur

MacArthur_J_blogMacArthur is best known for his blatant and hard truths, a precedent which was passed onto him from Christ himself. When speaking of the Qur’an, MacArthur pulls no punches. “They think it is the word of God. Actually, it’s the word of Satan.” When a truth needs to be told, Doctor MacArthur is there to deliver it. Like the previous two men, he sees the culture in decline and takes a stance against it. His calling is against the many charismatic ministers who would distort the word of God and dishonor the Holy Spirit.

In his recent book, Strange Fire, MacArthur compares the alleged manifestations found in the charismatic movement, to the improper worship conducted by Nadab and Abihu, which lead to their death. He sees the bizarre behavior; the animal noises, twitching, falling on the ground, and he says what he feels is best represented by Psalm 69:9, “Zeal for your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who insult you fall on me.” He does not condemn every charismatic, nor does he say that all charismatics are guilty of this, but speaks of the majority. MacArthur stands firmly in the truth against all who insult the Holy Spirit, by attributing to him, actions that he did not take, and words he did not say. He brings glory to God amidst a culture that does not.

4 – Ray Comfort

342407_005-e1370825721407-257x180Ray gained popularity among the atheists when somebody took a video of his out of context, in which he was saying that he perceives design in everything, including even bananas. He said that he sees the work of God’s hand in bananas. Atheists responded by making it appear as though Comfort were arguing for the existence of God, through bananas. Since that time, atheists have expressed so much hatred and abrasive attacks against his character. But a man who truly cares about this dark and dying generation, Comfort did not turn his back on them, but has continued to shine the light of Christ onto the atheists who continually assail him.

He is known best among Christians for his evangelism videos, in which he (after asking their permission) conducts a short interview wherein he has an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Comfort is able to clearly communicate the good news of Christ to the lost, and knows how to answer difficult questions. Many of videos and interviews are themed around taboo topics, such as abortion, or evolution. His ministry truly brings glory to God, shining the light in the darkness, and the darkness hates it.

5 – Nabeel Qureshi

urlChrist promised that his coming would divide houses; mother would be against father, brother against sister. He added that if we do not love him, more than we love our own family, we are not worthy of him. Qureshi exemplifies this teaching. His family refused to attend his wedding because of his belief in Christ, and he testifies to the pain that he feels. But in his pursuit for truth, he determined that there would nothing he would not do for the sake of Christ.

Qureshi spent the majority of his life as a devout Muslim. He truly and fully believed himself to be a servant of Allah, and he identified himself with Islam. He was wholly and impartially, a Muslim. But when he encountered the evidence for the New Testament, and a revelation from God, Qureshi determined that he could no longer be a Muslim, and must dedicate himself to Christ, whatever the cost. Today, he preachers his story, and the gospel, to devout Muslims. He participates in academic debates, and published his testimony in his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Qureshi is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is evidenced by the sacrifices that he has made in his life. His life and his ministry glorifies God.

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